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Chess Pieces – Heavy Pieces

  • It’s realy high-quality chess pieces.
  • It’s really heavy chess pieces.
  • It’s really large chess pieces.
  • The chess pieces feature detailed knights with flowing manes made from spruce-tek resin. They are extremely well weighted and feature felt bottoms. Spru-Tek is a patented resin material that simulates wood. It is made to carry a similar look as the vastly more expensive Crimson Rosewood ranging from a near black to a deep red wine color. Although it is hard to see in some of the photos, the pieces are not actually black but have some deep red that can shine in the light. This chess pieces does not come with extra queens.
  • King = 108mm tall, 47mm base, 97grams.
  • Queen = 96mm tall, 45mm base, 91grams.
  • Knight = 77mm tall, 40mm base, 70grams.
  • Rook = 76mm tall, 42mm base, 69grams.
  • Bishop = 85mm tall, 42mm base, 68grams.
  • Pawn = 60mm tall, 36mm base, 38grams