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Sagar Sports is a professional chess factory and the largest chess manufacturer in India.
The chess equipment we manufacture and sell are plastic chess pieces, chess sets, chess boards, chess bags, chess clocks, chess demo boards, giant chess sets, and much more etc.

Chess Board
We use Vinyl, Silicone, Rubber, PVC, PU, Paper material for our chess boards...
Kinds of chess bag for pack Chess Piece, Chess Board, Chess Clock, Chess Pencil...
Chess Pieces
These plastic chess pieces are of a very nice design and are different sizes for...
Chess Clock
The chess clocks we have Digital chess clocks, Quartz chess clocks and Analog...
Woman International Master
Tejaswini Sagar
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Sagar Chess Academy
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Skilled Workers
Tie up with diffrent associations
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Buy product in bulk and get up to 30% discount on range of products

Largest Chess Manufacturer in India.